Snoring Treatment

Snoring is a problem for many people and can lead to disturbed sleep, social embarrassment and sleep apnoea, where the air supply is cut off due to the soft tissues at the back of the throat which can block the airway.
There are many different snoring remedies on the market and also several different types of snoring devices made to be worn in the mouth while sleeping. The purpose of this kind of snoring remedy is to keep the airway open by
positioning the jaw in a forward position and thus stopping the lower jaw from falling back during sleep and blocking the airway.
I have tried several different types of snoring devices for my patients and have found the ‘Sleepwell’ anti snoring device to be the best one; The moulded plastic trays are made to fit round your teeth and sit securely in
snoring treatment in ayr ayrshire. anti snoring
To get a Sleepwell anti snoring treatment device is quick and simple. Models are taken of your mouth and sent to the ‘Sleepwell’ laboratory where the snoring device is made. The upper and lower parts for your upper and lower teeth are joined together and can be adjusted to the right bite position for you. All you need to do is take it home and enjoy your sleep! A follow up appointment will usually be made after a couple of weeks to carry out any adjustments

If you are interested in learning more about anti snoring devices contact
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