What is an inlay?

Dental inlays are another type of white filling. They are made in a dental laboratory and are usually made of a ceramic material which is matched up to the shade of your own tooth. The cosmetic result is excellent and they are very hard wearing.
The inlay is bonded to the tooth in much the same way as a white filling. ( please see our ‘white filling’ page).
Due to this bonding process it is essential that the conditions are excellent oral hygiene, low decay rate,
no bleeding gums and good access to the tooth.

Why should I have an inlay?

This procedure is becoming less common due to the excellent white filling material available nowadays. White fillings only need one appointment whereas inlays require two. The first appointment to shape the tooth and take an impression to send to the laboratory. The second to fit the inlay to the tooth. Also, due to the laboratory fees, the inlay is the more expensive
option. However many people choose to have a porcelain inlay due to the superior cosmetic result.

If Aesthetics is not the priority, Cast Gold inlays allow superior durability and quality. This is not common treatment these days due to the increased cost of gold. However, Gold has long been an excellent material to use within dentistry; with vast scientific evidence backing its use.

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