Dental Treatment Fees

Private Scale of Fees

We offer payment plans to help spread the cost of the payments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our dentists will be happy to answer any you may have.

Procedure Price
Consultation £55
Hygienist appointment £40
Procedure Price
Tooth Coloured Fillings From £70
Amalgam fillings From £50
Ceramic inlays From £350
Preventative sealants £20
Price all inclusive.  Consultant fees, x-rays and complete implant crown/bridge
Procedure Price
Single Implant (complete unit) £2500
Multiple Implants By estimate
Procedure Price
Simple Extraction £70
Surgical Extraction £90
Root Canal Treatments
Procedure Price
Incisor £180
Premolar £260
Molar £370
Procedure Price
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic From £350
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic From £700
Partial Acrylic From £350
Chrome dentures From £900
Flexi Denture From £400
Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
Procedure Price
Bonded / Ceramic Crown From £650
Metal shell Crown From £350
Bonded post £80
 Bridge (per unit) From £650
Porcelain Veneer From £650