Facial Aesthetics – Botox and Dermal fillers

With more and more people becoming aware of new techniques in facial aesthetics there is a growing demand for simple treatments which can make a big difference such as dermal fillers to plump out wrinkles and augment lips and Botox(TN) to smooth out frown lines and crows feet.

Facial Aesthetics - botox and dermal fillers ayrshireThese treatments are relatively simple and as dentists, who are used to working in and around the mouth and face, we are well placed as professionals to provide these treatments. Dentists give more injections than any other healthcare professional and so have excellent techniques for ensuring the procedure is comfortable. Facial dimensions are a big consideration when carrying out many dental procedures so dentists find it easy to achieve an excellent and natural look when carrying out facial rejuvination techniques.

At the Andersson clinic in ayr you will be offered a free consultation prior to treatment to discuss your expectations and advise you of treatment that may be beneficial to you. You will be advised of the cost of treatment, starting from £150 and you will be offered a follow up appointment usually after two weeks to assess results.

For a facial aesthetic consultation just phone and speak to one of our highly trained staff who can advise you in more detail and in complete confidence, of our services.

Many people are worried about their facial aesthetics provider being properly trained and insured. Please be reassured that we are fully insured and as providers of NHS treatments, we are inspected regularly by our local health board for being compliant in all clinical governance procedures such as cross infection control, patient confidentiality, indemnity insurance and continuing professinal development.


Botulinum toxin, wrinkle softening

1 area                           £190

2 areas                        £230

3 areas                        £250

Demal fillers

prices per syringe     £250


Further information on dermal fillers visit: Restylane.co.uk

Further information on Botox visit: botox.com