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Dental Implants Ayr and South Ayrshire

What are dental implants?

Basics of a dental implant Ayr For many years the only replacement for missing teeth were bridges or dentures. Bridges require that the adjacent teeth be filed down to support the bridge and dentures can be difficult to wear, unnatural looking and uncomfortable. An implant provides a fixed replacement tooth which can stand alone as in a single implant or which can support more than one tooth as in an implant supported bridge. It is permanent and fixed in the mouth so it feels like your own natural teeth. If a patient has worn a removable denture for a while, the fitting of an implant bridge takes them back to a time when they had their own teeth. I have seen patients getting quite emotional at this stage as it can feel life changing and as if the clock has been turned back. Also some cannot believe how easy the procedure has been.
Placing a dental implant is quite straightforward. A specially designed Titanium Screw is inserted into the jaw bone. This is a surgical procedure but no more traumatic than having a tooth extracted. Some people prefer an oral sedative for this stage but most are happy with a local anaesthetic only. The dental implant is practically invisible in your mouth at this stage. After around 3 months healing time, during which you have a temporary bridge or continue to wear your denture, a porcelain crown or bridge is made and fitted to the implant. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth,or several teeth with an implant bridge, and can also restore an entire dentition where someone has had all their teeth extracted in the past.

Dental Implants Treatment example.

We placed implants bilaterally and fitted a bridge onto the implants. 

dental implants example ayrshire dentist
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Review of the dental implant process from one of our implants patients:

“I joined the practice of Andersson Dental Care, 14B Fullerton Street, AYR about two years ago. I had degenerative problems with my teeth which caused major problems in my eating and digestive processes. I had been given partial dentures some time previously which were ill-fitting and caused issues of low self-esteem when meeting and trying to converse with people. On a visit to the surgery I met Per Andersson and his staff and they were friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful. I had been told that the situation with my teeth, and my mouth in general, was something I would have to live with, but I felt much more could be done. Per broke the issues down into workable elements and projectised the various tasks. He carefully explained each step of the way, and set about the initial issues with the lower jaw. This took time and skill and gradually I began to see daylight at the end of the tunnel. The next stage was to consider the installation of implants in the upper jaw and a referral to Ayr Hospital was arranged to check mouth and bone structure to see if the task was sound. Treatment was a continuous process with care and consideration given at every turn. The preparation was laid for Dr Jesslen to come from Sweden to instal the implants, and this was all done by mutual agreement on dates and times to suit work commitments on both sides. The operative process to instal the implants was all done within the dental surgery in the room in which I was accustomed to receiving treatment. This meant that any worries or concerns that I may have had were quickly dispersed with the professional and extremely competent way this part of the process was handled. As a comfort to the patient Per was around during the installation of the implants and he advised what to expect and how the next stages were to be handled. A period of healing and restoration of the gums ensued but at no time was I left without the means or ability to be able to feed and / or continue my work in the public spectrum. The installation of the final dentures took a lot of skill and fitment sessions and all went extremely smoothly. The final assembly and fitment left me wishing I had undertaken the concept years earlier. I was highly delighted with the exceptional way in which the whole project came together. I am now able to eat normally again and the feelings of low self-esteem and fear of being in the public view have somewhat subsided. I cannot praise Per enough for the way he tackled a very difficult set of tasks. Indeed the staff surrounding provided a very considerate friendly and helpful experience for the client. I would recommend the treatment of Andersson Dental Care to anybody without hesitation. There is truth in the old adage that there is no problem too big or too small to phase Andersson Dental Care. In my book they could not fail to score the highest marks for quality of customer care. “