Looking after your children’s teeth.

Are you worried about your children’s teeth? The amount of dental decay in children in this part of the world is increasing instead of decreasing. The best thing you can do to help your children and avoid problems is bring them for a dental check up every 6 months and get advise about how to look after your teeth. It is vital that children’s teeth are brushed twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. This strengthens the enamel and dont worry too much about brushing technique in very young  children. It would be unrealistic to ban sugary snacks and sweets altogether so instead make it a treat after a meal. It is the frequency of the sugar intake rather than the amount of sugar taken that causes damage to the enamel. Don’t transfer your own fear or anxiety about the dentist onto your children. Believe it or not most children seem to quite enjoy their check up appointments especially if they see big brothers and sisters going first and getting a reward sticker. Good habits start early, if you keep encouraging and reminding your children to brush night and day it will become an ingrained habit and eventually they will be reminding you!

brushing too hard?

it’s recommended to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. by doing this your enamel will become strengthened and protected against cavities. your gums will be cleaned too and this prevents gum disease and premature tooth loss. BUT make sure you are brushing  gently and not encouraging gum recession. brush in a circular motion and consider a softer toothbrush if you experience pain while brushing. avoid ‘scrubbing’ back and forwards and instead gently brush downwards towards the top teeth and upwards towards rhe

Happy easter!

Time goes fast. Easter already.

Don’t forget to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Wishing you a very happy easter from all of us at Andersson Dental in Ayr.

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Autumn is here. Kids back to school.
Triathlon season soon over. Last race on Sunday.
On my longer training runs on the bike thoughts wander.
To get results and experience is like a long-distance race.
If one is rushing it one might drop before the end, burn out or end up in the ditch.
Many of you my patients have had restorations made supported by dental implants. Many patients  also seek for this alternative to pulling and “plates”.
Gum disease is a long running disease and its treatment is like a long-distance race. Many people loose their teeth because of it and the treatment and prevention, is a long slog where we have to have the finish line in focus at all times.
Damage by gum disease can be compensated by restoring function with dental implant restorations.
But it doesn’t stop there!
The implants also have to be carefully maintained by keeping it all clean.
If you don’t service and oil your bike, then the chain ring might slip in that 25 % climb and you will suffer!
The make of the bike is also important.
A good racing bike cost a fortune but is a wonder to ride and lasts forever (almost). My last bike kept me on the roads for 26 years and is still my second bike for training. Unbreakable!
The same with dental implants:
They keep you on the road for a long time but also come with a high price.
This is because using the best parts and  the most experienced operators is costly.
My colleague and I have worked together now for 23 years.
Triathlon has been in my life for 32 years!
No doubt its triathlon that have given me the best experiences, but doing and seeing the results of dental implant treatment is also very rewarding.
Its a joy to see all happy patients after it has been done, and also keep seeing them long after, when they have forgotten that they have implants!
That is almost the finish line!


botox ayr
The Independent Healthcare Advisory Service (IHAS), endorsed by the General Medical Council, has been established to regulate the cosmetic industry and to protect the public. IHAS states that only medically qualified practitioners – doctors, dentists or nurses holding a prescribing qualification can safely provide injectable cosmetic procedures such as botulinum type A. Any other professions, for example beauty therapists, chiropodists or dental hygienists SHOULD NOT be administering medical cosmetic procedures.

Furthermore, the practice of remote prescribing (whereby a treatment is administered following a telephone consultation with a doctor/nurse prescriber) is not considered safe practice.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, don’t trust just anyone, however reputable the clinic or tempting the cut-price offer. Look into the practitioner’s qualifications, ask how often they do this treatment, how often they have a bad result or side effects.
Dr Lindsay Andersson has been carrying out Botox and filler treatments since 2006.

‘When I first started doing carrying out these procedures there was only one other facial aesthetic practitioner in town and he travelled from London.

I am pleased that there is now some control over who can carry out these procedures and that only medically trained people are approved. ‘

Teeth are important

private ayr

Teeth are important, when did you have your last checkup?
Regular visits to the dentist allows us to diagnose diseases in its earlier stages which makes it easier to treat.
If you are unsure about something in your mouth, be that a spot/sore you have never seen before which does not go away after two weeks or pain in a tooth, it is always best to have it checked out.
A mouth like this with no teeth can be treated with dental implants instead of having full mouth removable dentures. Here at Andersson dental care we specialise in dental implants.

Phone us if you have any questions on 01292 283644 or if you would like to book a private appointment.

Childsmile :)

Child Smile Scotland
We are a CHILDSMILE practice.
That means we register children from birth in order to give dental advice. Babies get their first tooth around 6 months of age, sometimes earlier, and as soon as a tooth erupts it is vulnerable to decay and abscesses just like an adult tooth. Certain foods and drinks can rot your babies teeth so it is important to get dental advice for your baby from 6 weeks.
Make an appointment for your child as early as possible, their first visit is fun and interesting and it is possible to grow up WITHOUT a fear of the dentist!

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